Thursday, 8 December 2016

Living Springs Trip - Monday 12th December

MONDAY – Children are to wear MUFTI
All the year 3/4 children head off to Living Springs for a fun filled day.
We have three exciting activities planned for the day. These are: bushwalk, orienteering and adventure based learning (initiatives and team building tasks).
The children will move around the activities in groups. We have a large number of parent helpers for this day and appreciate your support. Thank you.

We leave school at 9:00 sharp. Please ensure your child is at school just after 8:30.

We arrive back to school at approximately 3:30. Please ensure you have made arrangements for your child to be collected from school at this later time.
We will walk the Oscar children to Thames St.

Your child will need:
  • ·      school back pack
  • ·      sensible clothing and comfortable shoes for walking
  • ·      large morning tea and lunch
  • ·      drink bottle with plenty of water
  • ·      hat
  • ·      suncream
  • ·      warm jersey and/or a rain jacket.

Monarch Butterfly

Room 15's butterfly has finally crawled out of its cocoon and has stretched its wings ready to fly away!


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Tadpoles and Frogs

Room 15 currently have a tank with a few frogs and tadpoles in it. The tadpoles live in the water at the bottom and have already started to grow legs. The tadpoles are fed fish food.
The frogs spend most of their time out of the water and have some logs to rest on and a castle to hide in.
The frogs like to eat live house flies. They can not be too big for the tiny frogs, because they might choke. It is quite hard to catch a lot of live flies, so you can buy a pot of fly lavae from pets shops. There is a small hole in the top of the pot for the flies to get out ready to be eaten!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


The sun shone on us brightly as we all took part in our Year 3-4 Athletics Day.  It was so great to see our children performing the correct techniques, encouraging others and being their best self!  We saw a lot of children looking very proud of themselves - reaching the goals they had set and earning quite a few points on their cards. Well done! 

Fantastic effort to the Room 15 Year 3 Relay team and the Room 16 Year 4 Relay team for taking out first place in their respective races! Be proud!

A Moment in time…Athletics Day!
By Olivia!
I saw the smoking sun warming up the children like sausages on the BQQ.
I saw the yellow sawdust already bumpy and squashed from the recent jumpers.

I heard the soft squelch of the sawdust as I landed on my knees.
I heard the encourginig cheers from the parents as  was I was awarded a 3.

I felt my feet inside my sneakers rapidly fill with the irritating sawdust.
I felt my heart thumping in my rib cage as my turn neared closer.

I wonderd if my jump would reach the yellow mat and get me yet another 3?

I wonderd if the sawdust would leave my shoes at least a bit comfortable as I had shot put next.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Science Investigations

The children in Room 15 are carrying out their own investigations to find out how certain things can effect how a plant grows. They had to choose one variable to test. Some of the things they choose were type of soil, amount of light, water temperature and amount of water. They then had to carry out their investigation trying to ensure it was a fair test by only changing one thing and keeping everything else the same.

Broad Beans

Most of Room 15's broad beans are coming home, as they are ready to be planted outside.
The children can already see how the stem needs to be supported in order for the plant to be able to grow well. We have talked about using bamboo canes or trellis for the bean plant to climb up.
In week 10 we would love the children to email us photos showing how their beans and Little Garden plants are doing and we will add them to the Blog.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


We begin using our school pool next week!  Your child must return their signed permissions form to school BEFORE they will be allowed to go swimming with the class.  This is a new safety procedure we are following.
Children will need to have:

  • their named togs
  • a named towel
  • goggles if they already have some

A cap is very useful for the girls with long hair as it keeps their hair out of their faces.

Please make sure everything comes to school in a sturdy NAMED bag.